>> Conference Papers

Esteves, A., Verweij, D., Suraiya, L., Islam, R., Lee, Y., Oakley, I. 2017. SmoothMoves: Smooth Pursuits Head Movements for Augmented Reality. In ACM UIST ’17. Accessible online (ACM).

Verweij, D., Bakker, S. and Eggen, B. 2017. FireFlies2: Interactive Tangible Pixels to enable Distributed Cognition in Classroom Technologies. In ACM ISS’17. Best Paper Award. Accessible online (ACM).

Delbressine, F., Timmermans, A., Beursgens, L., De Jong, M., Van Dam, A., Verweij, D., Janssen, M., Markopoulos, P. 2012. Motivating arm-hand use for stroke patients by serious games. In IEEE (EMBC 2012). Accessible here.

>> Other

Verweij, D., Kirk, D., Rogage, K., Durrant, A. 2018. Domestic Widgets. In Demo hour. In Interactions 25, 6 (October 2018), 10-13. See Snapshot, DOI, or in the Magazine.

>> Work in Progress / Late Breaking Work

Verweij, D.,  Esteves, A., Khan, V.J. and Bakker, S. 2017. WaveTrace: Motion Matching Input using Wrist-Worn Motion Sensors. In ACM CHI ’17 Extended Abstracts. Accessible online (ACM).


>> Demos

Verweij, D., Esteves, A., Bakker, S. and Khan, V.J. 2017. Smart Home Control using Motion Matching and Smart Watches. In ACM ISS’17. Accessible online (ACM).

Verweij, D., Khan, V.J., Esteves, A. and Bakker, S. 2017. Multi-User Motion Matching Interaction for Interactive Television using Smartwatches. In ACM TVX ’17. Accessible online (ACM)