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Resume // August 2019


davidverweij@gmail.com // davidverweij.com


I am currently a PhD Student on Human-Computer Interaction for Digital Living. I am interested in interaction with distributed data in (everyday) environments that supports or relieves human cognition. I am specialised in Research through Design, and received my Master’s degree with distinction at the Eindhoven University of Technology. In my free time I enjoy experimenting with software, hardware and woodworking, cycling and playing boardgames with friends or family.


Speech: Dutch (native), English (C2)

Languages: Java, C++, HTML, PHP, CSS, JSON, JavaScript, Python

Tools: Git, DialogFlow, Firebase, Arduino IDE, Processing, SPSS, Adobe Creative Cloud, LaTeX

Prototyping: Raspberry PI, Arduino, paper prototyping, cardboard modelling, 3D printing, circuit design, interactive electronics.

Latest Publications

Verweij, D., Kirk, D., Rogage, K., Durrant, A. 2019. Domestic Widgets: Leveraging Household Creativity in Co-Creating IoT. In RTD 2019.

Verweij, D., Esteves, A., Bakker, S. and Khan, V.J. 2019. Designing Motion Matching for Real-World Applications: Lessons from Realistic Deployments. In ACM TEI 2019.

See more at davidverweij.com/publications/


NOW PhD Candidate on Human-Computer Interaction

2019 Open Lab, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK

Transferred with my supervisor’s job change to the neighbouring university.

2019 PhD Candidate on Human-Computer Interaction

2017 Computer Science, Northumbria University Newcastle, UK

Exploring human-centered design, research and evaluation approaches for future smart homes and connected technologies, see Domestic Widgets.

2017 Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction

2015 Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL

Graduated with a 9 (out of 10). Specialization in Constructive Design Research. Projects include, but are not limited to, a gestural interaction technique (see WaveTrace) and distributed cognition in classrooms (see FireFlies 2).

2015 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

2010 Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL

Specialized in supportive technologies for education. Projects include, but are not limited to, a crowd-sourced planning tool for teachers (see CRiCP), and a rehabilitation platform to motivate arm-hand use with games (see this paper).

2015 Minor Science Education and Communication

2014 Eindhoven School of Education, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL

A one-year education rewarded with a formal teaching qualification to teach physics in the first three grades of secondary education in the Netherlands.

2015 Pre-University Education Atheneum

2014 Oosterlicht College Nieuwegein, NL


NOW Tutor, Demonstrator and Teaching Assistant

2018 CIS, Northumbria University Newcastle, UK

Assisting in Lab sessions of courses such as ‘Object-Oriented Programming’, (family-focused) university events, and exam marking.

2017 Founder and Designer

2015 Studio David Verweij, Eindhoven, NL

Development of (primarily motion) graphics. Clients include, but are not limited to, Eindhoven University of Technology (video), DoChange SmartHomes (video).

2016 Student Advisor Department Board

2015 Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL

Advising role within the Department Board as a student representative.

2016 Student Communication Assistant

2014 Eindhoven University of Technology, NL

Policy and website support, coaching secondary school classes and promotion for Industrial Design at schools.

2016 CO-Owner and Course developer

2014 BétaBoomen, Eindhoven, NL

BétaBoomen offered pre-university schools courses and lectures in STEM related subjects by university students. I developed additional courses to offer.

2016 Teaching Assistant TEI

2016 Industrial Design, Eindhoven University, NL

Assisting in part of the classes on Tangible and Embodied Interaction and lecturer on video for conceptual interactions.

Management positions

NOW Assistant to the General Chairs

2018 ACM SIGCHI CHI Conference 2020, Hawaii

Assisting the General Chairs in organising the 2020 edition of the annual premier ACM CHI conference.\

2015 Student Representative Dep. Council

2012 Industrial Design, Eindhoven University, NL

Representing students of the Department regarding education, research, finance, policy and communications.

2013 Vice-Chairman & Com. of Education

2012 Study Association Industrial Design, Eindhoven, NL

Full-time representation of Industrial Design students in multiple bodies throughout the university. The study association further offers study material, workshops, leisure events and more, see lucid.cc.

2013 Foundation Hajraa Buitentoernooi

2011 Eindhoven Student Volleyball Association, NL

Responsible for organizing and running a two-day festival with an average of 4.000 visitors a day, see buto.hajraa.nl.

Visiting Positions

2016 Visiting Researcher (3 months)

SEP Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Invited Workshops and Talks

2019 Closing Plenary Interaction Design

APR Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, UK

Presented research on Domestic Widgets.

2018 Closing Plenary Interaction Design

APR Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, UK

Presented design of WaveTrace and subsequent research.

2018 Workshop on Smart Objects as Embodied Agents in Everyday Life

MAY Lorentz Centre, Leiden, NL

A 5-day workshop to develop an interdisciplinary research agenda on smart objects to help frame future work in interaction design, see here.

2015 BENQ International Workshop

JUL Taiwan TECH University Taipei, Taiwan

9-day product design workshop on future BENQ products.


NOW Web CO-Chair

2018 ACM SIGCHI CHI Steering Committee

Co-responsible for the creation and development of the chi.acm.org website.

NOW Design CO-Chair

2018 ACM SIGCHI CHI Conference 2020, Hawaii

Co-responsible for the logo, posters, and other designs, see chi2020.acm.org.

NOW Design Chair

2018 ACM SIGCHI CHIPLAY Conference, Spain

Responsible for the logo, posters, and other designs, see chiplay.acm.org.

NOW Reviewer

2018 Primarily ACM

CHI LBW ‘19, alt.CHI ‘19, CHI ‘19, TEI ‘19, IMWUT ‘18, DIS WIP ‘18, DIS ‘18

Awards and grants

2019 Doctoral Consortium Honorarium

MAY Main applicant | $ 300

Received as part of my acceptance to CHI 2019 DC.

2018 PGR Research Impact Scheme

APR Main applicant | £ 300

Used to host my research at the UK Maker Faire 2018 in Newcastle, see this impression.

2018 Design United Demonstrator Grant

SEP Co-applicant | € 5.000 | Ref. C2E1707

Used to translate the WaveTrace research project into a consumer product prototype, see here.

2017 ACM Student Travel Grant

SEP Main applicant | $ 1.370 | SSTG-May_2017 #130

Used for travel and accommodation for ISS 2017.

More information

Up to date projects, pasttimes and publications can be found on www.davidverweij.com.