Attended CHI 2019 in Glasgow, including the Doctoral Consortium

Page updated on June 6th, 2019
I was happily accepted to the Doctoral Consortium (DC) for CHI 2019 (with this submission), which was a unique (16% acceptance!) and very valuable experience. I’ve met a bunch of inspiring, funny, and quite different PhD students – got great feedback and pointers and was able to return the same. (That is what I like to tell myself). Going to the DC was a great ticket into CHI2019. CHI2019 was, for me, mostly  preparing for CHI2020 being an assistant to the General Chairs. I was however able to see some great talks, meet new people, and visit some nice places in Glasgow! Even though I live 3 hours away by train, this was my first time Glasgow.

My Doctoral Consortium Poster and me (on the left).

The photobooth, + Anne Spaa.

One of many murals during our Mural Trail in Glasgow!

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