Smart Home Control using Motion Matching and Smart Watches

In motion matching, targets move continuously in a singular and pre-defined path; users interact with these targets by tracking their movement for a short period of time. Rather than the majority of work on motion matching using optical sensors to capture input, our prototype captures user input through the motion sensors embedded in off-the-shelf smartwatches while users track the moving targets with their arms and hands. The wearable nature of the tracking system makes our prototype ideal for interaction with numerous devices in a smart home. This demo invites researchers and enthousiast to experience motion matching and the advantages of using smart watches first-hand. Thoughts and discussions related to the potential and implementation of the technique are greatly appreciated. Come see and try at at ISS’17 in Brighton!

See top left: Motion Matching. Demo session sketch by Makayla Lewis, see

[small video clip will be uploaded after Conference – soon!]

The demo Smart Home Control using Motion Matching and Smart Watches is accepted for publication at the ACM ISS Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS ’17) in Brighton, UK, October 17-20. The paper was co-written Augusto Esteves (Edinburgh Napier University), Vasillis-Javed Khan and Saskia Bakker (both Eindhoven University of Technology)

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